Optimised well-being and healthcare

12 Sep Optimised well-being and healthcare

With long-term stays or doctor’s and other medical appointments, healthcare facilities, from hospitals to doctor’s practices, often play an important role in the everyday life of people with reduced mobility and the elderly. New products are contributing to making the medical experience safer and more comfortable for users, while improving the everyday jobs of healthcare professionals.

Light is a vital element in human health and well-being. It influences metabolic and hormonal processes, regulates our internal clock and rhythms. The beneficial effect of adapted lighting on our well-being and health has been scientifically proven. Such discoveries are very significant for people who live mainly indoors, such as the elderly and physically dependent people, who do not get enough natural light. This innovative light management system simulates a 24-hour light cycle from sunrise to sunset and night-time. There is a special control for defining various lighting scenes, each of which have a specific colour and intensity. This kind of lighting allows elderly people to compensate for visual and sensory deficiencies and gain independence, stabilise their sleep-wake rhythm and be more involved in the day’s activities. It also reduces eye fatigue for caregivers, so it’s good for everyone!

Visual Timing Light (VTL) biodynamic lighting, Derungs Licht AG Group


This new generation synthetic resin is made of two thirds natural minerals and a low percentage of high-resistance resins, and the new formula offers sanitation properties. Thanks to new technology, this material has a number of properties based on the natural phenomenon known as photocatalysis. Activators in the basic formula mean that when the resin encounters natural or artificial light, it develops “super” properties: air purification, anti-bacterial effect, elimination of chemical products. Laboratory tests have proven that over 1 year, 1 m² of the material purified the air breathed by 6.5 people, and that it eliminates bacteria such as E.coli or Staphylococcus aureus 117% better than any other kind of material. It presents numerous advantages for use in hospitals, and is easy to clean.

KRION K-Life Solid Surface from PORCELANOSA group

KRION K-Life Solid Surface – clinic PositronMed in Santiago Chile – Prado Tuset Arquitectos


Many components (door handles, taps, handrails, etc.) can carry contamination and may need special attention in terms of materials and technology to keep them safe. Metalskin offers a unique copper-based coating that requires no chemical antibacterial products – copper has been known for thousands of years for its intrinsic antimicrobial properties. This sanitary feature does not change and remains active throughout the component’s lifetime. Together with regular cleaning, this property makes it possible to break the cycle of germ spreading in hospitals.

Metalskin technology

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