Reduced mobility-friendly homes

12 Sep Reduced mobility-friendly homes

When people want to host loved ones or care for them at home, simple day-to-day actions need to be adapted, accidents need to be avoided and spaces need to be reorganised so that those concerned can maintain their independence.

In residential homes, bathrooms offer the widest range of products dedicated to seniors and people with reduced mobility or motor disabilities. Manufacturers and designers have gradually begun to focus more on this space and are offering a growing number of specific products that cater to the needs of an ever-increasing aging population, although healthy life expectancy is increasing more quickly than life expectancy in general.

These product ranges offer highly functional equipment that encourage independence and adapts to different stages in life. They include things like a flat design and parts that curve inwards for wheelchair-accessible washbasins, rounded lines and easy-to-grasp corners, or side handles that can also be used as towel rails. Wall-mounted toilets include deeper bowls and shower trays feature particularly flat and flush lines, all in keeping with the clear trend for products with functional benefits sought by a wider range of consumers.

DuraStyle Vital Med washbasin by DURAVIT


Accessibility problems can also be resolved with adjustable-height solutions that cater to the needs of any generation. The flexible Simply Plus of Wirquin is an adjustable toilet element which can be raised within an 400 to 550 mm range.

Simply Plus of Wirquin


Replacing a bathtub with a shower-bath combo also provides considerable everyday comfort by reducing effort and risks. Thanks to ready-to-install kits, these transformations can be made quickly in one day. They feature a bathtub with a glass door, a folding seat with ergonomic cushion, shower head and tap, a 180° pivoting glass door and finish panels. The kit’s length and width can also be adjusted and can be installed even if walls aren’t perfectly square.

Customised shower-bath duo from KINEDO


These kinds of equipment facilitate mobility and independence at home and can be combined with home automation solutions to adapt to ageing or disabled residents. For example, between 2011 and 2016, the City of Paris helped build over 200 new home-automated accommodations.

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