Smoother mobility

12 Sep Smoother mobility

Most elderly people hope to live at home for as long as possible. However ill-adapted accommodation, isolation, a lack of nearby services or the need for regular care mean that they are often forced to leave home and live in retirement homes. All nursing and retirement home designers aim to make their lives in these new spaces a simple transition that improves day-to-day life thanks to easy-to-access and well-adapted friendly spaces.

One of the obstacles is the important step of making doorways wheelchair-accessible. Besides wide enough doors, this electromechanical swing door drive for barrier-free interior doors is perfect for people with reduced mobility and can be installed in private homes, hospital rooms, retirement homes and healthcare facilities. The door automatically opens and closes at reduced speed in low-energy mode, with the use of a safety sensor when necessary. A battery is also available for maximum safety in the event of a power failure.

ECturn swing door system from GEZE


Being able to let in fresh air via an assisted window opening system makes healthy living easier. This patented motorised concept automatically unlocks and opens windows with a voice-activated system. It requires no physical effort, and serves as an ideal replacement for conventional handles for people with reduced mobility. A microphone installed near the window captures voice commands and converts them into digital data, which is then processed by an autonomous nanocomputer that does not require an Internet connection. A manual version can still be used at any time during the opening or closing cycle, for instance, in the event of a power outage, and the discreet motor is directly integrated into the window frame.

Soleal Move + window system from TECHNAL


Making it easier for the visually impaired or the blind to use and find their way on stairs in public buildings is also becoming a way to promote mobility and a degree of physical exercise. Handrails can now incorporate anodised aluminium micro-bead wayfinding elements that include raised and braille floor numbers, and the direction in which to access them.

Pasamano tactile braille system from MARCAL Signalétique

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