Tertiary sector: changes to products and technical solutions

29 Sep Tertiary sector: changes to products and technical solutions

The ErP Directive, F-Gas Regulation and consumer demand have all had the following effects on products and technical solutions:

  • New products using water and air for heating and air conditioning in tertiary buildings to limit the amount of refrigerants used;
  • The development of cooling solutions for new housing (ground-coupled heat exchangers, thermodynamic dual-flow ventilation systems), as hotter summer temperatures are becoming a problem.
  • The widespread use of dual-flow air ventilation to ensure indoor air quality (filtration of fresh air), which is a growing requirement for tertiary businesses, as shown by a series of reports published by the French Indoor Air Quality Observatory;
  • Use of self-generated solar power produced onsite in order to meet the highest requirements of the French E+C- Label and especially to take into account the new economic reality – businesses with large roof areas, car parks and constant high electricity needs, such as supermarkets, are seeing that the cost of solar power produced onsite is cheaper than electricity sold from the grid.
  • The increasing use of digital technology (BAS, IoT, and related software) to manage the energy efficiency of buildings over time.
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